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ETC Solutions


Why choose ETC AI

Reduce selection & evaluation time by 50% and improve execution consistency.

Keep your finger on your company's pulse & the Emotional Fingerprint.

Creative A.I. Data-Driven, Science-Backed solutions to control bias, lower risks and losses.

Quick implementation and results with a long-term strategy (Peformance Consulting).

ETC AI State-of-the-Art solutions as a standard to monitor corp climate and critical issues.

Artificial Intelligence-driven solutions to solve complex human - business challenges.

Access to a global network and local expert support (ETC solution in 12 Languages)

With 24/7 accessible support and onboarding teams.

ETC Solutions

The projects can be developed through the purchase of test packages by volume or the monthly subscription with additional discounts; in these cases, the organization can self-train online or request instruction for its examiners.

ETC offers the service of “Performance Consulting” through its Partners worldwide to analyze critical points that affect its profitability.

Drastically improve your evaluation process by tracking & understanding the EMOTIONAL Fingerprint ®

Ensure fair, accurate, and objective evaluations, track the organizational climate, including values, fraud & critial human resources Issues.

Identify the nature of a Critical Issue (Gender Equality, Discrimination, Theft, etc) by examination of the emotional fingerprint of a segment of candidates and/or employees.

Define improvement opportunities at the Critical issue level (HHRR, Security & Compliance, Sales & Marketing, Innovation) by customizing questions to diagnose areas of opportunity and risks.

Project Objective: Substantial improvement of the Organizational Climate (categories and values) and Critical Issues Performance, resulting in profit increase at the end of the process.

The challenges the law enforcement community is facing, especially in the hiring and monitoring process.

The fact is, many departments and federal agencies are using outdated techniques and technology to attract and retain qualified officers and agents.

An ETC Partner is a business associate who prospects, sells, and implements ETC solutions & consulting to a particular organization and provides additional services in exchange for an ETC commission.

The ETC Referral program encourages individuals or firms to benefit financially when faced with opportunities to source business to ETC. for the terms & conditions of the program