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Why choose ETC AI

Reduce selection & evaluation time by 50% and improve execution consistency.

Keep your finger on your company's pulse & the Emotional Fingerprint™.

Creative A.I. Data-Driven, Science-Backed solutions to control bias, lower risks and losses.

Quick implementation and results with a long-term strategy (Performance Consulting).

ETC AI State-of-the-Art solutions as a standard to monitor corp climate and critical issues.

Artificial Intelligence-driven solutions to solve complex human - business challenges.

Access to a global network and local expert support (ETC solution in 12 Languages)

With 24/7 accessible support and onboarding teams.

“ETC Corp Climate: Transforming Corporate Culture Through Data-Driven Emotional Insights”

ETC Innovation

ETC Corp Climate & Innovation: Unleashing Organizational Potential Through Scientific Emotional Analytics


Value Proposition: “Unlock Innovation and Drive Success with Data-Driven Emotional Intelligence”

ETC Corp Climate & Innovation introduces a groundbreaking approach to corporate climate assessments, addressing the long-standing challenge of bias in traditional survey methods. Unlike conventional practices where companies rely on external firms for surveys or develop in-house solutions prone to skewed responses,

ETC Corp Climate & Innovation utilizes emotional hard data metrics generated by volunteers who represent the company’s entire spectrum. This innovative method ensures a scientifically accurate diagnosis of critical organizational issues, providing a reliable foundation for strategic and tactical planning. By offering a robust validation of current surveys, ETC Corp Climate enables organizations to accurately identify and address the real issues affecting their workplace environment, fostering a more authentic and effective improvement strategy.

Key Features:


Scientific Emotional Diagnosis: Utilize our Emotional Fingerprint™ technology to diagnose the emotional climate within your organization scientifically, identifying barriers to innovation and engagement.

Critical Issue Identification: Our platform’s advanced AI algorithms pinpoint critical emotional and psychological issues hindering innovation, providing actionable insights for immediate improvement.

Employee Engagement: ETC Innovation offers a new dimension in understanding employee engagement by analyzing emotional data, helping you create a more engaged, productive, and innovative workforce.

Bias-Free Decision Making: Our technology minimizes human bias in emotional assessment, offering a more objective view of your organization’s emotional landscape.

Custom Solutions: Tailored consulting methodologies for each unique organizational challenge, ensuring our solutions align with your innovation goals.



ETC Innovation is not just another analytics tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that integrates emotional intelligence into your innovation strategy. By understanding the emotional dynamics within your organization, you can unlock new levels of creativity, problem-solving, and success.

ETC Innovation

ETC HiRE: Elevate Your Talent Strategy with Scientifically-Backed Emotional Analytics


Hiring Candidates:

  • Value Proposition: “Transform Your Hiring Process with Unmatched Emotional Insight”

  • Features: ETC HiRE’s Emotional Fingerprint™ technology provides a comprehensive emotional profile of each candidate, ensuring you make data-driven hiring decisions beyond the resume.

Rehearse Job Interviews:

  • Value Proposition: “Ace Your Interviews with Real-Time Emotional Feedback”

  • Features: Our platform offers a unique rehearsal space where candidates can practice interviews and receive immediate, scientifically-backed emotional analytics to improve their performance.


  • Value Proposition: “Supercharge Your Talent Search with Emotional Analytics”

  • Features: ETC HiRE provides headhunters with a powerful tool to assess potential candidates’ emotional and psychological fit, ensuring a higher placement success rate.

Talent Due Diligence:

  • Value Proposition: “Conduct Talent Due Diligence with Unparalleled Emotional Insight”

  • Features: Our platform offers in-depth emotional analytics crucial to due diligence, helping you understand what a candidate can do and how they will fit into your organizational culture.

ETC HiRE combines advanced AI technology, emotional analytics, and scientific rigor to offer a holistic talent solution and provide the emotional intelligence you need to make the best decisions.

ETC Sales & Profits: Unlock Unprecedented Revenue Growth and Profitability Through Data-Driven Emotional Intelligence.

Value Proposition:


Emotional Analytics for Sales: Leverage our Emotional Fingerprint™ technology to understand customer emotions and preferences, enabling your sales team to close deals more effectively.


Profit Optimization: Use emotional data to identify the most profitable customer segments and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly, maximizing ROI.


Team Performance: Enhance your sales team’s emotional intelligence to improve communication, collaboration, and resilience, leading to increased sales and reduced turnover.


Customer Retention: Utilize emotional analytics to understand customer satisfaction and loyalty, helping retain valuable clients and reduce churn.


Data-Driven Decision Making: Our advanced AI algorithms provide actionable insights that guide your sales strategies, eliminating guesswork and increasing efficiency.


Bias-Free Analytics: Our technology minimizes human bias, offering a more objective, reliable view of your sales operations and customer interactions.

By integrating ETC Sales & Profits into your business strategy, you’re not just adopting another sales tool but embracing a comprehensive solution that uses emotional intelligence as a cornerstone for sales success and profit maximization.

ETC Corp Climate

Supporting Methodologies (Books)

ETC Innovation, Sales & Profits Growth, as a mindset, not a project!

Identify the nature of a Critical Issue (Gender Equality, Discrimination, Products, Ad Campaigns, Customer Satisfaction, Processes, Fraud & Theft, etc) by examination of the EMOTIONAL Fingerprint™ of a segment of employee volunteers.

Define improvement opportunities at the Critical issue level (HHRR, Security & Compliance, Sales & Marketing, Innovation) by customizing questions to diagnose areas of opportunity and risks.

Project Objective: Substantial improvement of the Organizational Climate (categories and values) and Critical Issues Performance, resulting in profit increase at the end of the process.

ETC COLLEGE generates the EMOTIONAL Fingerprint™ of Students and Graduates to improve their Job Interview Performance and be prepared to land their dream Jobs!

When you’re dealing. with job interviews stress and anxiety, ETC COLLEGE helps build confidence and is designed to be fun, simple, and rewarding!

An ETC Partner is a business associate who prospects, sells, and implements ETC solutions & consulting to a particular organization and provides additional services in exchange for an ETC commission.

The ETC Referral program encourages individuals or firms to benefit financially when faced with opportunities to source business to ETC. for the terms & conditions of the program