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Have you ever seen your Candidate’s EMOTIONS while answering critical questions?


“Build your Dream Team, Not your Nightmare – ETC HiRE guards you against costly hiring disasters.”

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ETC HiRE Value Proposition: Transform Your Hiring Process with ETC HiRE: Scientifically Diagnose Candidate Suitability and Emotional Intelligence in Real-Time.

ETC HiRE, powered by ETC-AI’s groundbreaking Emotional Analytics technology, offers a revolutionary approach to talent acquisition and management. Our platform streamlines the hiring process and provides deep insights into candidates’ emotional and psychological profiles. With ETC HiRE, you can:

Eliminate Bias: Our AI-driven analytics ensure hiring decisions are based on hard data, not unconscious biases.

Enhance Reliability: Unlike traditional methods, our Emotional Fingerprint™ technology offers high reliability even with smaller sample sizes.

Improve Efficiency: Reduce time-to-hire and cost-per-hire while increasing the quality of your hires.

Predict Success: Go beyond skills and experience to predict a candidate’s cultural fit and potential for growth.

Ensure Well-being: By understanding emotional profiles, you can create a work environment that retains talent and nurtures it.

Transform your hiring process and build a more engaged, efficient, and emotionally intelligent workforce with ETC HiRE.

Common Hiring Issues:

I. Interviewer Bias or Personal Interests

Human beings are prone to certain biases; It’s an unfortunate but inherent part of our nature and could affect your company’s future!

II. Evaluator Fatigue & Lack of preparation

Interview fatigue is a genuine problem that could sabotage your interviews.

III. Snap Judgments & Limited Evaluation Time

We all do this! Within seconds of meeting someone, we decide several things, including whether we like them or not.

Costs of a BAD Hire = 150% of the Annual Salary

Are you fully satisfied with the selected Candidates?



What is ETC HiRE?

Is an excellent AI tool for hiring high responsibility, risky or stressful jobs with effective, consistent and comparable results over time and streamlines the process, improves fairness and increases the number of candidates.

Microexpressions + Voice Intelligence + Transcripts are the sources of Emotional Interpretations that activate Alerts in Predictive Models.

Artificial Intelligence + Hard Data Metrics + Collective Human Perception = ETC HiRE

ETC HiRE uses state-of-the-art technology to extract emotions from a remote digital interview in 12+ languages.




ETC HiRE Benefits

You can evaluate what the candidate says and compare it against what they feel to get a fair evaluation and avoid bias.

Video Support your decisions with emotional scientific, data-driven, and maintain recorded evidence for future consultation.

Collective candidates evaluation by Examiner / Observer(s) and a findings and recommendations report.

Helps to research and solve candidates’ critical issues such as trust control, skills/knowledge, leadership, background checks, performance, planning, and culture.

Allow examiners to compare candidates through hard evidence and not just opinions. 

Reduce the final selection time by 60% with hard data metrics and consistent results that lower turnover by over 30%.

Basic HiRE Package

Company Setup

  • 1 Job Opening with 3 Candidates Remote Video Interviews

  • Each Candidate Individual Examination of the EMOTIONAL Fingerprint, skills and Critical Issues and Honesty Score.

  • Complementary questions based on Alerts and Findings.

  • Candidates Comparison and Hiring Recommendation and warnings.

Extended HiRE Package

  • 4 Job Opening with 12 Candidates Remote Video Interviews

  • Each Candidate Individual Examination of the EMOTIONAL Fingerprint, skills and Critical Issues and Honesty Score.

  • Complementary questions based on Alerts and Findings.

  • Candidates Comparison and Hiring Recommendation and warnings.

The ETC HiRE Service Center coordinates the process with over 65 job types and quick company setup.

An additional deliverable is related to the candidate’s perception of the company and the process.


1. Paid the selected package and the ETC HiRE – Service Center will Setup the company account.

2. Job Position definition and Questionnaire review to customize questions if needed.

3. Determine company Observer(s) to the process – Quality Assurance

4. Invite Candidates and coordinate interview recording by Service Center

5. Examiner evaluation of Candidates Interviews and generate reports

6. Candidates Comparison Report with Recommendations and findings

7. Deliver and Discuss Hiring Report with Client executives.

ETC HiRE, is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that empowers users to access and utilize the software’s features and functionalities independently—designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing customers to navigate and utilize the platform without requiring extensive technical assistance.


ETC HiRE is a very effective way to rehearse job interviews and improve hiring chances!


Online support is crucial in this model, providing users with videos, resources, tutorials, and a knowledge base that can be accessed online. Users can find answers to their ques in the chatbot or email us or contact us Whats App +91 964 317 8977

Overall, this model promotes self-reliance and empowers users to take control of their software experience while accessing online support resources whenever they need guidance or assistance.