Have you ever seen your Candidates’ or Employees EMOTIONS while answering questions?

generates the EMOTIONAL FINGERPRINT® as a Permanent Trust Control & Corp Climate

Artificial Intelligence + Hard Data Metrics + Collective Human Perception = ETC AI Solutions

Microexpressions + Voice Intelligence + Transcripts (sources) to create Correlations, Emotional Interpretations & Alerts in Predictive Models.





ETC AI has developed independent solutions with a solid and unique promise:

To be the first Permanent TRUST Control system and real-time monitoring of the Organizational Climate, in addition to assessing the risk of employees, candidates, processes, supervisors, and locations to correlate them, activating Alerts to prevent undesirable behavior, personnel crisis, and accidents.

ETC = Emotional TRUST Control

ETC AI – Power Guarantee

Increase dramatically your chances of selecting the best candidates/employees consistently!

Absolute customer satisfaction or you don’t pay anything for one year.

Schedule a Demo and free Consultation (Proof of Concept).

ETC = SaaS Solutions


In ETC AI, we would love to hear from you as a Client or potential Partner; please contact us at contact@etc-ai.com

ETC = Operations

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Permanent TRUST Control

ETC AI – Benefits & Features:


Command – Permanent TRUST ControlReduce Undesirable Behavior and Accidents

Control – Organization ClimateReal-Time Measurement & ImprovementProcess Optimization & Quality Assurance

Communication – Emotional Fingerprint™ – Personnel Selection & Hiring

Computing – Improve Supervision & Reduce Operational Costs (Big Data, Predictive A.I. & Cloud Computing)

Due Dilligence – UniqueAudit your Hiring process (Examiners and Observers) 



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Continous Organization Climate Measurement


What is ETC AI for your Company?


– A professional and permanent approach to track and manage TRUST Controls

– Historical and accurate Assessments of Candidates, Employees, Asset Guards, Supervisors, Locations & Processes…

– A consistent source of “Big Data” to improve operations and profitability.

– Peace of Mind over Security Issues to Prevent Crime.

– Permanent Assessment of vulnerabilities and strategies to Investigate them.

Improve Operations and Profitability

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