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American company with State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence Solutions with teams around the world. Expertise in A.I., Cloud Computing, Big Data, GDPR, Predictive Analytics, Corp Climate, Human Resources Evaluation & Security.



ETC AI – Technology Consortium – Scientific minds from around the world aligned with a common purpose: Solve critical complex human behavior issues and create significant business opportunities!


Top Officials & Strategic Partners

Carlos Cayon-Crosswell

CEO & President

Entrepreneur that seeks to improve people’s lives and solve business challenges!  Contact me at

Anil Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Development Officer and Predictive Artificial Intelligence expert.


Emotional States from Human Voice -The Netherlands

Vokaturi software reflects the state of the art in mental state recognition including emotions from the human voice.
The architecture used in the Vokaturi software is the result of decades of knowledge in phonetic sciences, human behavior analysis and also from the experiences made in the ethics field and within the safety and security domain.

Chief ExaminerBryan Gilman – Colorado, U.S.


Trained in the FBI – U.S. academy, extensive experience in the Security Intelligence community both in corporations and in the United States government.
Bryan will also have the responsibility of developing our project in the regulated United States market and supporting safety issues in projects around the world.



Chief Data Scientist – Roger Sanz – Spain


Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) technical coordinator for projects in the Transportation, Security and Defense sectors.


Senior Consultant focused on the vision of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) with specialization in digital risk management, security and intelligence for business and disruptive disciplines such as the use of applied artificial intelligence.
Preparing the doctoral thesis related to security, intelligence and hybrid threats in cyberspace.



Chief Compliance OfficerSalvador Fabra Martínez – Madrid, Spain


Ex-military lawyer and professor, an expert in (GDPR) Protection of Personal Data. Degree in Criminology and Law, with a master’s degree in administration (MBA).





Worldwide ETC Partners – Law Enforcement Partner

Strategic Worldwide Partner – Federal Agencies & Law Enforcement


Maria Arrioja – V.P. Sales – International

Worldwide Onboarding & Customer Service

Zeba Khan – Request a Demo or Support





> United States

> U.S. Country RepresentativeLegacy Investigations

Bryan Gilman – 1(303) 815-8313 –



 TBBT – The Best Business Technology – +54115.4002868

> Brazil


Claudio Matrajt – +55 1199124 5477 –


Shelter Assessoria Executiva Ltda




> Canada

Derrick Amoah –


> Ecuador

Contact – Raúl Ayala – – (+593) 990492333

> Mexico

> MonterreyCIE –Alejandro Villarreal – 52 81 8253 3609 – Security Experts


> Mexico City

BPO 360 – Ana Maria Guerra – Human Resources Management

Segurimagen – José Miguel Labrador – RER Soluciones Empresariales

Axon Impact – Gustavo Garcia – 52 55 3908 1372 – Human Resources Experts

Safe Strategies International – Michael Putter  


> Cuernavaca – Atom Liderazgo – Jorge Carrillo – 52 777 265 1477 – Security & HR Experts

> Panamá

AIG – American Intelligence Group – Antonio López Pérez




> Spain

     Sanz Consultores – Roger Sanz – +34 661 914 425 +

> Madrid

   Protesafe – Salvador Fabra 





> China

> Shanghai

Massa “Will” Zhang – Call1 (650) 488 8113  

Mohsin Raza


> India

   Dhanish Edamula – HHRR Especialist – 91 73069 50847 –


> Thailand

    Shabana Parvez Mazumder –





> Nigeria

   Ganiyu Egunjobi –






ETC WW Pre-Sales Directors

Sofia Rodriguez – Market: Colombia
Saleem Abbas – Pakistan
Kevin Koh – Markets: Malaysia & Taiwan
Hassan Haider – Pakistan