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ETC AI – Worldwide Prospecting & Sales Structure


An ETC Referral source is any entity, including a person or organization, and directs them to ETC AI to deliver services.

Client life-long Commission: 4.5%

* Requires an ETC Promo Code


Pre-Sales Directors

ETC’s pre-sale function is essential for the success of each qualified opportunity, the Digital Prospecting process allows us to focus our efforts to contact potential customers, as well as ETC Partners in the countries of the region.

Client life-long Commission: 5.5%

* Requires an ETC Promo Code



ETC Partners

An ETC Partner is a business associate who prospects, sells, and implements ETC solutions to a particular organization and provides additional services in exchange for an ETC commission.

Client Service-long Commission:

Direct sourcing = 20.5%

Other sources = 15.5%

* Requires an ETC Promo Code


Regional Coordinators

ETC Regional coordinators are professionals who manage our company’s sales & administrative tasks at the regional level. They implement work procedures and processes and resolve sales and support issues. In addition, they review commissions for accuracy and submit adjustments when needed.






Our company’s ETC promo code is a key offered to customers to run free Proof of Concept (POC) trials on our SaaS solutions. In addition, partners, presales directors, and referrals have a unique code to identify their customers captured in the company registration process.

Region – Initials – # of Free Tests

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ETC Regions – Codes

AFR – Africa

ASI – Asia

CEU- Central Europe

CNI – China

EEU – Eastern Europe

MEX – Mexico & Central America

MEA – Middle East & North Africa

NOR – Nordic Countries

OCE- Oceania

SEA – South East Asia

WEU – Western Europe




ETC DP&S – Digital Prospecting & Sales

ETC Digital prospecting is about giving the client buying choices. With State-of-the-Art technology, and once the buyer has engaged and demonstrated a specific set of interests in certain ETC solutions, the inside salesperson can reach out and schedule appropriate conversations to perform a POC and, when satisfied, acquired paid tests.

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Online Prospecting Resources:

Online Potential Clients Registration: by Referrals & Pre-Sales Directors (Requires a Promo Code)