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ETC HiRE – Company Registration and Candidates Invitations to a Job Opening


HELP & Guidelines


Test ETC HiRE for FREE using the following link –

If our ETC Partner provides you with a Promo Code use it, otherwise use:

You should use one email for each ETC HiRE Rol (Company Administrator, Examiner, Observer, Candidate)

ETC HiRE - Video Presentation - 7 Steps to Success

Being a Software as a Service allows us to implement a quick and simple company registration, aiming that a Proof of Concept can be executed instantly.

ETC HIRE – 7 easy steps to unlock the full potential for success.

I. Setup your Company Account and the executive in charge.

II. Ask for Free Tests as Proof of Concept or use the Promo Code provided by an E T C Partner.

III. Register the Examiner and Observers (up to 5) to evaluate a Job Opening.

IV. Create a new Job Opening. (Open & Close Status)

V. Invite Candidates and they perform the video recording test (5 Sessions per test)

VI. Examiner Reviews Alerts & Score Sessions (Good Guard & Honesty Score) in Diagnose & Evaluate and recommends Hiring Status.

VII. In the Behavior Fingerprint Examiner, validate results to support Hiring Status and close the Job Opening.

Let focus on points one and two:

The company Registration is divided into three blocks. In the first one, you will fill in the Company Name, Country, and the Language to be used, and you can pick from 12 different.

If your company operates in more than one language, you have to create different accounts for each language.

The number of employees, plus the staff turnover rate and the company website.

The second block is to register the executive in charge, the organization’s position, and the credentials to access it as an administrator.

The third block is about Free tests for the company to perform a Proof of Concept and benefits; we will be glad to become a regular client.

E T C Partners can provide a Promo Code or write to and request one or just register and wait to receive your free tests in your account.

Now you can proceed with step number three. Register people that will act as Examiners, one per each Job Opening and up to 5 Observers to be part of the hiring selection process.