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ETC A.I. – CEO’s Community


Our main purpose is to freely share knowledge, best practices, and experiences between all CEOs from our Artificial Intelligence projects related to the Emotional Fingerprint ®  and predict trends and patterns to control and prevent risks.

A.I. help us create a Revolution!


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ETC A.I. – CEO’s Community



How does “ETC HiRE” work?

Integrate A.I. into your Hiring and Candidate Selection processes from web-based video sessions of job candidates’ deep scan, help discover and understand the metrics & alerts behind the Emotional Fingerprint ® of a set of candidates.


Have you ever seen your Candidates’ or Employees Emotions while answering a question?


Artificial Intelligence + Hard Data Metrics + Collective Human Perception = ETC AI Solutions

Microexpressions + Voice Intelligence + Speech-to-Text (transcripts) to create Correlations, Reducancy & Interpretations in Predictive Models.



ETC A.I. – Emotional Fingerprint

Emotional Fingerprint
Emotional Fingerprint
Emotional Fingerprint

ETC HiRE – 7 Steps to Success Video