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ETC AI is proud to announce the WW release of ETC HiRE

The purpose of this post is to provide all the necessary information as an ETC Client and/or Partner, first to test for free the SaaS (POC) and later to guide you on the Onboarding process.

How does ETC HiRE work?

ETC HiRE - Video Presentation

Artificial Intelligence + Hard Data Metrics + Collective Human Perception = ETC AI Solutions

Have you ever seen your Candidates’ or Employees Emotions while answering questions?

With the help of a group of worldwide experts in different fields, we can generate the EMOTIONAL FINGERPRINT® of a group of Candidates as a Trust Control & Corporate Climate process to select the best candidates and reduce your staff turnover.

Microexpressions + Voice Intelligence + Transcripts are the sources of Emotional Interpretations that activate Alerts in Predictive Models.

ETC HiRE help to solve critical problems in the candidate selection, evaluation, and hiring process:

I. Interviewer Bias or Personal Interests
Human beings are prone to certain biases; It’s an unfortunate but inherent part of our nature and could affect your company’s future!

II. Evaluator Fatigue & Lack of preparation
Interview fatigue is a genuine problem that could sabotage your interviews.

III. Snap Judgments  & Limited Evaluation Time 
We all do this! Within seconds of meeting someone, we decide several things, including whether we like them or not.

Emotional states extraction from video, audio, and transcript files while answering questions is the core element of the A.I. State-of-the-Art-Technologies with proven results.

ETC HiRE - Video Presentation - 7 Steps to Success


A solid Help & Guidelines customer support (videos, Chatbot, detail processes in 12 Languages) to High-Risk Job target Industries:

The first step is to create the Company Profile – Registration Form; it will take you 3 minutes or less!  (This process can be executed by the company or by the Partner)

Company registration requires you to select the working language, and you will choose from 12 different. If the company operates in more than one language, you must create an account for each one.

The company will request free trials to support its proof of concept.

ETC HiRE - Company Registration & PROMO CODE Request

Step two, a complete set of questions is automatically imported into the selected language, which the company can customize.

The third step is to register the examiner and the observers who will evaluate the test results.

Please review this helpful guidelines page and video to perform the examiner and observer functions successfully.

The fourth step creates a new job opening that includes the number of positions.
Each Job-Opening must have an examiner and up to 5 observers.

The fifth step refers to inviting a candidate for a position to take the video recording test.

The Candidate receives an email with instructions.

It is essential that the Candidate reads and agrees with the test’s terms and conditions, especially in Personal Data Protection (GDPR).

Unique requirements apply to taking the exam in the United States.

Candidates can review the HELP and video recording guidelines to ensure the test is successful.

The sixth step requires the Examiner & Observers to review the answers; automatic alerts are automatically activated at the session, and questions responses and help in the evaluation process.

Finally, the examiner manually evaluates the Good Candidate and the Honesty Score, and the Candidate skills.

Automated KPIs plus manual scores guide the examiner for a Final Decision about Hiring or not the Candidate with backed-up data.

The seventh step refers to The Emotional Fingerprint module as a summary for the examiner to validate the results, support the hiring decision, and close the job opening.

The next step is to attract the company as a regular and satisfied customer.

* Demos and training

The ETC Partner must have a complete understanding of the system and the concepts to provide additional services to clients such as External examiner, Control Centers, Security Consulting, etc.

Schedule a DEMO presentation

* Online Help & Tips

The ease of implementing our solutions is a priority to maintain our customers’ optimal level of service and satisfaction. Online Help & Guidelines or access the Chatbot at

The system requires one valid email per role you play (Company Admin, Examiner, Observer, or Candidate) in ETC HiRE.