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The Slight Side highlights how important it is to make minor, progressive changes in our everyday lives in order to succeed in the long run and how by putting greater focus on making better day-to-day decisions, you may create an excellent career.

This Article is based on the book:

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Untamed will inspire you to embrace the power within yourself and open up to new challenges, opportunities, and situations.

Author: Glennon Doyle is the author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers UNTAMED, 

She turned her life around from the roots; things became challenging. However, she knew there was no other way to escape her unhappiness.

Here are the key points:

– Don’t repress your authentic self; it will lead to unhappiness.

– Putting yourself first can make you a better parent for your children.

– Stop fighting what’s meant to be, and embrace your true destiny.

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Untamed Review

Untamed will give any suffering, damaged person the strength they need to find relief and realize their dreams. If you have unattainable goals, unsuitable social expectations, or a life you don’t wish to call your own, let Glennon’s hard-learned lessons serve as a wake-up call.

Reading her story will inspire you and show you what a strong mother and woman can do once she establishes objectives and limits and fully appreciates herself.

Lesson 1: Your true nature will show eventually, so don’t force yourself into hiding it.

There are times in life when we feel as if we’re stuck in a place where we don’t belong, no matter how hard we try to fit in. Sometimes these situations force us to learn important lessons about ourselves, such as who we are, what our boundaries are, or what we want out of our life.

Doyle experienced this before disclosing her actual self and sexual preferences. The author had a successful career, a happy family, children with her husband, and a picture-perfect existence before she met Abby.

She wasn’t actually attracted to her husband. She also made an effort to maintain the façade she presented to her close friends and family. She afterwards met Abby. Her spirit began to feel strange, jarred, and altered.

She realised that filing for divorce was the wisest course of action after thorough consideration, and she was correct! She currently has a contented life with Abby, A successful writing career, and positive relationships with her children and ex-husband. Living up to her actual identity was worth it, even if it was challenging at first.

Lesson 2: Sometimes, setting a positive example for your kids involves putting their needs before your own.


Every loving parent aspires to be the ideal parent, even if this is an impossible goal to accomplish. To be honest, a lot of them get quite close, although mistakes do happen. However, your relationship will become more solid than ever if you continue to love and encourage your kids.

She felt terrible when she initially thought about getting a divorce because of this. She had to choose between making this choice, which would wreck her children’s lives, and continuing to be miserable. What needed to be done? She was having trouble deciding when a notion suddenly crossed her brain.

What if her daughter experienced the same difficulty? How would she feel if she learned that her kid and their marriage were having problems? She would advise her to make every effort to achieve happiness.

She finally understood exactly what needed to be done. What sort of an example was she giving her kids, after all? If seeking and discovering happiness was the ultimate goal, she had to accomplish it, which required getting a divorce. She felt good about her choice, which improved her standing as a mother and role model for her kids.

Lesson 3: Stop fighting your inner self; everything will work out when it’s meant to.

You have a destiny of your own, just like Doyle does. You likely have a deep understanding of what brings happiness to your mind, body, and soul, whether or not you’re properly putting your efforts.

It would be wise to actively realize it before it is too late and to begin conducting your life in accordance with that realization. Fortunately, the author came to the conclusion that she didn’t want to continue pretending to be the ideal wife or mother.

When everything started, her life appeared to be relatively secure and content. In actuality, she had plans to travel with her book. Still, all that is intended to be will eventually materialize. Therefore, her impending travel was only slightly hampered by the date.

After giving it some thought, she concluded that the moment had come to inform everyone of her impending divorce. She reassured her kids that they would always have a warm home in their family. She then informed her followers of what was happening in her life.

Everyone knew that Doyle was now dating a woman, so there was no need for additional deception or justifications. The announcement didn’t harm her career; on the contrary, it increased the popularity of her book release. Her romantic life also flourished.

Everything felt good in her heart as all the arrows were now appropriately pointed. This moving tale is being used as motivation for individuals worldwide who want to improve their lives by following their instincts and ambitions.

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