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ETC Cultural Risk & Loss Prevention

Emotional Fingerprint Method – Permanent Trust Control & Corp. Climate monitoring

Descriptive analysis to answer what happened – ETC Metrics at the Question Level

Diagnostic analysis to answer why it happened – Examiner Diagnose & Score

Predictive analytics to answer what might happen next – ETC EMOTIONAL Fingerprint Summary

ETC Loss & Risk Prevention method, measures and implement actions in advance in order to prevent risks or impede their development and strengthening. Loss prevention regards as actions taken to reduce the amount of theft, breakage, or waste in a business. ETC works around latent hazards and vulnerabilities.

ETC Method:

Identify potential vulnerabilities (Critical Issues ) what can go wrong?

Measure frequency and severity (Corp. Climate metrics). What is the likelihood of a risk occurring and if it did, what would be the impact?

Examine alternative strategies WITH ETC solutions

Decide which solution to use and implement it.

Monitor results (Losses vs Corporate Climate metrics)

Why do people Misbehave? Whether it’s an employee, external contractor or a customer.

Motive: The individual has a reason for wanting something aside from “just because.” This could include greed, seeking revenge on the company, a hard financial situation, unexpected expenses, or funding an addiction.

Opportunity: The individual sees an opening to commit a crime without getting caught. Companies with weak financial, operational controls or cash management processes are more likely to fall victim to these criminals.

Rationalization: The individual feels they have an excuse. Their rationale could be “Other people do it,” “The company won’t notice or miss the money/item” or “I deserve to be punish.”

Understanding the individual EMOTIONAL Fingerprint can help the company develop a stronger risk & loss prevention program.

Make Employees Feel Valued

Employers can show that they value their employees by paying them an adequate wage. Underpaid employees may turn to stealing to fill financial gaps or because they feel they deserve to be paid more. In fact, higher wages are actually tied to lower employee theft.

If raises aren’t an option, boost employee morale in other ways, such as recognizing achievements, offering workplace perks and providing mentoring and feedback. Employees who are happy at their jobs are less likely to risk losing them over criminal behavior.

ETC Solutions screen Candidates, Scan Employees or Contractors

One of the easiest forms of loss & risk prevention is not hiring bad people in the first place. Pre-screen applicants when hiring by conducting the ETC Interview, criminal records checks, checking references and, performing credit checks. Alert will pop up during this process, for further investigation in key issues or take that applicant out of the pool.

Hire an ETC External Examiner / Observer of the selection process

Bring in an external Examiner to analyze and diagnose your Candidates . A fresh set of eyes (and an objective perspective) may be able to catch inconsistencies an internal Examiner missed. An external Observer helps to implement a Quality Assurance process specially for High Risk Job Positions.