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Exercise: ETC Innovation Interview Experience Sharing


To provide a platform for two volunteers to discuss and analyze their experiences with the ETC Innovation interview. The focus will be on the questions asked during the interview and how they correlate with critical issues in Innovation. 

Duration: 30 minutes

Participants: Volunteers 1 & 2

Exercise Outline:

Introduction (2 minutes)

Briefly introduce yourselves and share your general impressions of the ETC Innovation interview.

Question Discussion (10 minutes)

Volunteer 1 and Volunteer 2 take turns discussing the questions that stood out to them during the interview.

Discuss why these questions were impactful and how they relate to Innovation.

Critical Issues Correlation (10 minutes)

Both volunteers discuss how the questions in the interview correlate with Innovation.

Explore whether the questions adequately covered these issues or if there were gaps.

Personal Insights (5 minutes)

Share any personal insights or “aha moments” you had during or after the interview.

Discuss how these insights could be beneficial to the real-world Innovation context.

Feedback and Suggestions (2 minutes)

Briefly discuss any feedback or suggestions for improving the ETC Innovation interview process.

Wrap-up (1 minute)

Summarize key takeaways from the discussion.