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Innovation Challenge – ETC Innovation Showcase

Challenge Overview:

The ETC Innovation Showcase is a dynamic challenge designed to unleash the innovative potential of volunteers. Over seven weeks, participants will tackle critical issues within their respective fields, guided by the ETC Emotional Fit framework. The challenge concludes with participants presenting innovative solutions through ETC Innovation Video Interviews. The most outstanding proposal will be rewarded.


Innovation Challenge Structure:

> Critical Issue Exploration Phase:


  • Program Kick-off and Orientation: Introduction to the challenge objectives, structure, and the significance of emotional intelligence in innovation.

  • Critical Issue Identification: Participants individually identify and present critical issues within their fields. Collaborative discussions prioritize and select the most pressing issues.

  • Emotional Analysis Introduction: Introduction to using ETC Emotional Stages for emotional analysis. Participants begin collecting initial emotional data related to their critical issues.

> Ideation and Emotional Alignment Phase

  • Emotional Data Collection and Ideation: Participants continue gathering emotional data using the ETC framework. Guided brainstorming sessions generate innovative solutions.

  • Emotional Alignment: Teams formed to develop prototypes or pilot programs for selected solutions, ensuring emotional alignment between proposed solutions and identified emotional responses.

> Prototyping and Testing Phase

  • Solution Development: Teams work on prototypes or pilot programs for their selected solutions, emphasizing cross-disciplinary collaboration.

  • Real-world Testing: Testing prototypes or pilot programs in real-world scenarios and gathering emotional feedback from users or stakeholders.

> ETC Innovation Video Interview Phase

  • Emotional Fit Assessment: Evaluation of proposed solutions based on emotional fit. The most emotionally resonant solutions are selected for presentation.

  • ETC Innovation Video Interview Recording: Participants prepare and record ETC Innovation Video Interviews, showcasing critical issues, emotional analysis, proposed solutions, and the emotional journey of the innovation process.

> Reward:

The challenge culminates with the recognition of the Best Innovation Proposal. This outstanding proposal will be rewarded with a special acknowledgment, a certificate of excellence, and the opportunity to present the innovation in a featured ETC Innovation event.

The ETC Innovation Showcase empowers volunteers to address critical issues with innovative solutions while deepening their understanding of emotions in the innovation process. Participants leave the challenge with newfound knowledge, a sense of achievement, and the chance to significantly impact their fields through emotional intelligence-driven innovations.