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As headhunters, you understand that identifying the perfect fit for executive positions goes beyond mere qualifications. It requires a deep understanding of a candidate’s emotional intelligence, a key determinant of their potential to thrive in high-responsibility, risky, or stressful roles.

That’s where ETC HiRE comes in – an exceptional AI tool designed to revolutionize how we assess and select candidates, safeguarding your hiring process against costly disasters.


Common Hiring Issues Addressed:


I. Interviewer Bias or Personal Interests: Human biases can unconsciously influence decisions, compromising your company’s future. ETC HiRE removes subjectivity, allowing for fair evaluations.

II. Evaluator Fatigue & Lack of Preparation: Interview fatigue can undermine the quality of assessments. ETC HiRE’s consistent and data-driven approach ensures candidates are evaluated without fatigue-related biases.

III. Snap Judgments & Limited Evaluation Time: Rapid judgments often overshadow a candidate’s true potential. ETC HiRE captures microexpressions and emotional nuances, enabling deeper insights within seconds.

The Cost of a Bad Hire: A wrong hiring decision can cost your company up to 150% of the annual salary, not to mention potential disruptions in company culture and performance. Are you truly satisfied with your current candidate selection process?


Introducing ETC HiRE: ETC HiRE is a game-changing AI tool that enhances your candidate evaluation process. Combining Microexpressions + Voice Intelligence + Transcripts extracts Emotional Interpretations that activate Alerts in Predictive Models, offering insights beyond conventional assessments.

How ETC HiRE Works:

ETC HiRE leverages cutting-edge technology to extract emotions from remote digital interviews in over 12 languages.

It utilizes Artificial Intelligence, Hard Data Metrics, and Collective Human Perception to provide a holistic view of candidate emotions and qualities.

Benefits of ETC HiRE

  • Fair Evaluation and Bias Avoidance: Compare candidates’ words to their emotions, ensuring a comprehensive and unbiased assessment.

    Data-Driven Decisions: Video recordings support your choices with scientific, data-driven evidence for future consultations.

  • Collective Evaluation: Examiners and observers contribute to a findings and recommendations report, fostering collaborative decision-making.

  • Critical Issue Resolution: ETC HiRE addresses trust control, skills, knowledge, leadership, background checks, performance, planning, and cultural alignment.

  • Evidence-Based Comparison: Examiners can now compare candidates using hard evidence, enhancing the objectivity of the selection process.

  • Time and Turnover Savings: Achieve a 60% reduction in final selection time and lower turnover rates by over 30% through consistent and data-backed decisions.

In a world where executive recruitment requires more than surface-level assessment, ETC HiRE empowers you to build a dream team that aligns with your client’s needs, culture, and aspirations. By unlocking the power of emotional intelligence, you mitigate hiring risks and ensure long-term success for your clients and your firm.


Curious to explore the transformative capabilities of ETC HiRE? Contact us today to schedule a demo or discuss how this revolutionary tool can elevate your headhunting expertise to new heights.

Use Case: Axon Impact – Headhunters Firm Utilizing ETC HiRE for Effective Candidate Assessment


Client: Axon Impact Headhunters Firm

Background: Axon is a leading headhunters firm specializing in recruiting high-level executives and leaders for top-tier organizations across various industries. The firm prides itself on delivering exceptional candidates who align with their client’s organizational needs, culture, and values.

However, Axon recognizes the challenges posed by human biases, evaluator fatigue, and the need for more comprehensive candidate evaluations. To address these challenges and enhance its hiring process, Axon adopts

ETC HiRE, an advanced AI tool designed to assess candidates’ emotions and provide data-driven insights.



Challenge: Axon Impact faces challenges in accurately assessing candidates for high-responsibility, risky, and stressful executive positions. Traditional interviews often suffer from evaluator biases, quick snap judgments, and limited evaluation time, potentially leading to hiring decisions that don’t align with the client’s long-term needs.

Solution: Axon Impact integrates ETC HiRE into their candidate evaluation process to ensure a comprehensive and fair assessment of candidates’ suitability for their client’s organizations.




Pre-Screening Phase: Axon Impact shortlists potential candidates based on their qualifications and experience. Using ETC HiRE, candidates can participate in remote digital interviews in their preferred language.

Emotion Analysis: During the interview, ETC HiRE captures microexpressions, voice nuances, and transcripts to interpret candidates’ emotions while answering critical questions. This emotional interpretation becomes a valuable source of information.

Data-Driven Evaluation: Axon’s hiring team utilizes ETC HiRE’s AI-powered predictive models to receive alerts and insights based on emotional cues. This enables them to evaluate candidates based on what they say and how they feel, reducing the impact of biases and snap judgments.

Collective Evaluation: Multiple examiners and observers can access the recorded interviews and contribute to the evaluation process. ETC HiRE generates a findings and recommendations report, fostering collaborative decision-making.

Informed Decision-Making: Axon Impact leverages emotional scientific, data-driven insights to support hiring decisions. Video recordings with emotional overlays provide a holistic view of the candidates’ responses, enabling Axon to justify their choices to clients.

Addressing Critical Issues: ETC HiRE helps Axon address critical issues such as trustworthiness, leadership potential, cultural fit, and background verification. Axon gains deeper insights into candidates’ character and suitability by identifying emotional cues.

Comparison and Efficiency: Examiners use hard evidence from ETC HiRE to compare candidates objectively, ensuring that selections are based on consistent and tangible metrics. This streamlined process reduces the final selection time by 60%.


By integrating ETC HiRE into their candidate evaluation process, Axon Headhunters Firm enhances the quality and accuracy of their hiring decisions. The AI tool’s ability to capture emotions and provide data-driven insights significantly reduces biases, evaluator fatigue, and snap judgments.

This results in improved candidate selection, higher client satisfaction, and reduced turnover rates of over 30%. Axon continues to build dream teams for their clients, mitigating the risks of costly hiring disasters and cementing their reputation as a top-tier executive recruitment agency.