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Subject area: Your EMOTIONAL Fingerprint™ to improve your presentation skills and fine-tune answers.

By asking the right questions, and extracting & accumulating scientific results over time, you can diagnose and measure your evolution.

Solution = Corporate – ETC HiRE



How does “ETC HIRE” work?

So you can Rehearse a Job Interview!

Integrate Artificial Intelligence into your Hiring Interviews rehearsal process from web-based video sessions, it will help you discover and understand the emotional metrics behind the your EMOTIONAL fingerprint.

Emotional states extraction from facial microexpressions, voice phonetcis, and transcripts while answering questions is the core element of the State of the Art Technology with proven results.

A Job Coach can act as the Job Interview examiner for optimal results.

ETC HIRE – 7 easy steps to rehearse a job interview


I. Setup your Company Account and the Executive in charge

II. Ask for Free Tests as POC or use the ETC Partner Promo Code

III. Register the Examiner and Observers (up to 5) to evaluate a Job Opening (Job Coach)

IV. Create a new Job Opening (Open & Close Status)

V. Invite Candidates to perform the video recording test (4 Sessions per test)

VI. Examiner Reviews Alerts & Score Sessions (Good Candidate & Honesty Score) in Diagnose & Evaluate and recommends Hiring Status

VII. In the EMOTIONAL Fingerprint™, the Examiner validate results to support Hiring Status and close the Job Opening